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A pet microchip creates a forever bond between you and the pet you love. And together with the HomeAgain pet recovery system, you’ll give your pet the best chance of coming back home to you.

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The Lost Pet Reality

1 in 3 pets goes missing during its lifetime, and without proper ID, 90% never return home. A microchip for dogs & cats gives the best protection with permanent ID that can never be removed or become impossible to read.

Every month, HomeAgain reunites 14,000 pets with the people that love them.

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Our Preventative Solution

A pet microchip is the first step.

A microchip implant takes just seconds at your veterinarian's clinic, and then your pet has permanent ID that will last its entire lifetime. The final step is to register your pet's microchip with HomeAgain.

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HomeAgain safeguards the pet you love

Microchip for dogs & cats

Put your pet's safety first. A tiny microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, helps keep you connected to the pet you love, forever.

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For just $17.99 per year, you'll get a suite of pet safety & wellness benefits and access to a network of trained professionals ready to help at a moment's notice. That's 24-hour pet protection you can count on!

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