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Medical Insurance
For Lost Pets

HomeAgain memberships include a lost pet medical insurance policy to protect dogs and cats from injuries sustained while they are lost.

On average, 1 out of 3 pets will become lost in their lifetime. Pet microchips have been responsible for reuniting many of these pets with their owners. But there are still other troubles a lost pet can encounter. To better protect lost and found pets, your HomeAgain membership includes valuable pet medical insurance that covers medical treatment for injuries your dog or cat suffers while lost. This helps make found pet reunions a little safer, healthier, and more affordable.

Dog Covered with Lost Pet Medical Insurance

Lost pet injuries can be very disheartening for pet owners. Not knowing where your pet has been and what caused his injuries is troubling. In addition to the emotional burden of your pet getting hurt, pet medical treatment can be expensive. HomeAgain provides lost pet medical insurance coverage through PetFirst Healthcare. Your policy covers up to $3,000 (less $50 deductible) for medical treatment for injuries your dog or cat sustains while lost. Please note that coverage is not automatic. Once enrolled in the HomeAgain service, you must call to activate your pet's lost pet medical insurance coverage before he gets lost.

Your lost dog or cat medical insurance coverage is just like your pet's microchip in that it is completely unique to your pet. When you call to activate your policy, you'll tell the PetFirst representative a little bit about your pet's breed, age, brief medical history, etc. so that they can keep a detailed record of your cat or dog on file.

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