How to Find Your Pet’s Microchip Information

Follow these steps to discover if your pet has already been microchipped,
so you can locate your pet’s ID number and register with HomeAgain.

  • Check your pet’s adoption records. Many pets from shelters, breeders, or pet stores are
    microchipped, so a good place to start looking for your microchip ID number is on your adoption paperwork.
  • Review your pet’s veterinary records. If you had your pet microchipped by your veterinarian, check the documents given to you by your vet. This could include: a microchip registration or enrollment form, or a receipt from the vet clinic.
  • Contact your veterinarian. Your veterinarian should have a record of the implant procedure that
    includes the microchip ID number. Call or stop by the office to get a copy of your pet’s records.
  • Take your pet to your local veterinary clinic or animal shelter to have the microchip read.
    If the tips listed above don’t help you find your pet’s microchip ID number, you can always go to your
    veterinarian’s office or a local animal shelter and have your pet’s microchip scanned.
I found my pet’s microchip ID number